Embracing Change: How an Unexpected Career Shift Transformed My Product Innovation


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Working for an auto insurance company had been a steady part of my life, a career path I felt comfortable navigating. However, everything shifted in May 2022 when the company faced financial difficulties and my role as an outbound sales agent was no longer necessary. While grateful for the alternative role as a Virtual Auto Damage Adjuster, I grappled with the inherent discomfort of change.

During my time as an adjuster, delving into the intricacies of car repairs and the complexities of paint adhesion on different surfaces, I stumbled upon a profound realization. The very plastic used in most car bumpers, akin to the material I was using for my product, presented a unique solution to my longstanding manufacturing challenge.

Months of grappling with methods to imprint designs directly onto my POPS! Charger Protectors finally culminated in an aha moment. Inspired by the sanding technique used in preparing car parts for paint adhesion, I experimented with a similar approach for my product. The results were astounding—a breakthrough in achieving the desired design and durability.

This experience taught me an invaluable lesson: change, though initially daunting, can pave the way for unforeseen growth and innovation. Amidst the uncertainties and challenges, there are often hidden opportunities waiting to be uncovered. Embracing the unknown and staying open to new ideas can lead to remarkable transformations, both personally and professionally.

As I share my journey, I encourage you to remain open to the unexpected, to welcome change as a catalyst for evolution and progress. Remember, the most significant breakthroughs often arise from the most unexpected of circumstances. Let this serve as a reminder to always look for the silver lining, even in the face of uncertainty.

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