Empathy-Driven Innovation: The Story of POPS! Charger Protector

Welcome to POPS! Charger Protector, a brand rooted in empathy and driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

Our story began in the rugged terrains of North Dakota, where the relentless need for durable chargers sparked a revolutionary idea. Presented with the problem of obtaining replacement chargers while dealing with financial limitations, as the sole provider for my family, I sketched a design for a charger protector on a napkin. Through Shapeways.com, I transformed my design into reality using 3D printing. The overwhelming positive response to our initial 3D-printed prototypes signaled the birth of an incredible adventure.

Years of thoughtful improvements and relentless hard work resulted in the honorable recognition of our product and efforts at Mercer University's Mercer Innovation Center (The MIC) pitch competition in 2018. Gaining access to funding, resources, and office space, we continued to refine our creation, eventually acquiring a patent from the USPTO in November 2022. However, our path was not without obstacles. The problems of the global pandemic tested our resolve, and I grappled with uncertainties as the world navigated uncharted waters.

Yet, along with these challenges, a moment of clarity emerged. Reflecting on my passion for assisting others and the joy derived from helping families in need, the vision of POPS! Charger Protector evolved. Our purpose is so much more than profit margins; it's about creating a positive impact. We acknowledged not only the financial burden imposed by frequent charger replacements, especially for families managing tight budgets but also the universal need for compassion in our world. By making this our purpose to exist, we are committed to supporting such communities and organizations by contributing a portion of our proceeds to organizations that share our mission of empowerment of others.

In addition, our commitment extends beyond philanthropy. We believe in fostering a culture of care and respect, which is why we prioritize making our products in the USA ourselves, providing fair wages, and sharing our profits with our dedicated team. At POPS! Charger Protector, every purchase signifies a step towards collective betterment, a testament to the power of empathy in shaping a brighter future for all.

Join us in our journey of compassion and empowerment. Together, let's make a positive difference, one charge at a time.