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POPS! Charger Protector

POPS! Kick-Grip

POPS! Kick-Grip

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Introducing POPS! Kick-Grip – the ultimate solution for hands-free phone use and secure handling. This revolutionary kickstand is designed to elevate your phone experience with its versatile features.

Kickstand and Grip in One: With POPS! Kick-Grip, say goodbye to the limitations of traditional phone stands. Enjoy the freedom to position your phone both horizontally and vertically, effortlessly adapting to your viewing needs. But that's not all – the innovative design also functions as a secure grip. Slide it between your fingers for a comfortable and safe hold, preventing accidental drops and ensuring a worry-free experience.

Magnetic Mounting: Equipped with built-in magnets, POPS! Kick-Grip effortlessly attaches to metal surfaces with a secure hold. Whether you're in the kitchen, at your desk, or in the car, keep your phone easily accessible and in view. The magnetic feature adds an extra layer of convenience to your daily activities.

Customizable Straps: Express your style with POPS! Kick-Grip's interchangeable straps. Swap out the strap with different designs or colors to match your personality and mood. The quick and easy customization allows you to personalize your device, making a statement wherever you go.

Upgrade your phone experience with POPS! Kick-Grip – the versatile kickstand, secure grip, magnetic mount, and stylish accessory all in one. Elevate your phone game today!

*Disclaimer- This product has no affiliation or relation to the POPSOCKETS BRAND OR POPSOCKETS POP GRIPS!*

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